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Of all the things I’ve done to make life easier, by far the best thing I have EVER done is work with Joanna. I was so thrilled with what she can do that I sent photos to my family after we had transformed one particularly disastrous closet. I was blown away with what she accomplished. Joanna is calm, funny and supportive when it comes to getting rid of crap in your house. Without judgment, she solves your organizing issues in a way that suits you best. In the past, I have struggled with organizing my home by trying to fit into another’s organizing and folding strategy. Joanna saw what would work for me and, months later, things are still organized. I actually enjoy tidying my apartment now because I know where things go! I looked forward to my sessions with Joanna and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a labelling ninja and a truly wonderful person.

Kara, Writer & Actress

Upper East Side, NYC

My children's toys were taking over my apartment and, seemingly, my life.  It was so out of control, I didn't even know where to start!  Joanna came over for a consult and immediately created a plan that included new furniture, storage bins and boxes, and most importantly, a plan.  She helped me create the most perfect play space for my 3 kids in an already cluttered apartment.  Their play area remains the most organized and cleaned area of our apartment.  My kids now know where everything goes and actually help me clean up!  They have access to all of their toys and know where to find them - it makes play time so much more enjoyable for us all.  I can't wait to have Joanna come organize other areas of my home.  She is amazing! 

Laura, Mom of 3

Gramercy, NYC

I cannot speak highly enough of my experience working with Joanna. We started with my storage unit, where you literally couldn't see the floor or where things began and ended. When we were finished, I sent pictures around to all of my friends because I was so impressed and proud of the end result. From there we went on to multiple projects and each one turned out better than I expected. With two babies and no time to get anything organized it was so nice to have someone to partner with who could come up with a plan and sort through the mess to see what everything had the potential to turn into. 

Cara, Mom of 2

Upper East Side, NYC

It was with a sense of desperation and trepidation that I called Joanna to help me declutter and organize.  I was desperate to get the clutter under control but nervous about having someone come in and bear witness to my disorder.  Although I felt like I should be able to tame the clutter myself, it hadn't happened, so I reached out to Joanna.  I'm so happy I did!  Joanna is down to earth and very practical in her approach.  I was worried she would want me to get rid of everything and that her solutions would be impossible to maintain.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  While she encouraged me to get rid of things I really didn't need, she also helped me figure out creative ways to store the stuff I wanted to keep.  I am so pleased with the results and am able to keep up with the organization even after she left.  My son was so excited to see his room after we were done!   I highly recommend working with Joanna- it is time and money well spent!

Linda, Physician

Upper East Side, NYC

My husband and I had to rush to move when I was 7 months pregnant because our apartment sold quicker than we had expected. With a baby on the way, I felt very stressed and had no time to think about unpacking and organizing. Cut to a few months later, I had a newborn and the apartment was a mess. And then Joanna came into our life. First she helped me pick furniture to maximize the space in the small nursery, and she organized the toys and clutter. Then she gave all the closets and the built-ins in our home a complete overhaul. Joanna recommended organizational products that fit perfectly in my space, and she was able to utilize storage bins that I didn’t even know I already had. I cannot express the happiness and Zen feeling that comes over me every morning when I walk into my bedroom closet and everything is perfectly in its place.

Kate, Merchandising Director

Upper West Side, NYC

I love having an open floor plan but it's impossible to escape the mess. Each time I walked into my home I was overwhelmed by the clutter and with a toddler and a baby on the way I could not get a handle on it myself. Among other things, Joanna helped me develop a filing system to keep all of the paperwork from piling up in my kitchen.  She, with ease, organized junk drawers and pantry cabinets that were complete disasters. And introduced me to the beauty of a label maker. I'm very happy to have found Joanna and look forward to more decluttering projects with her. 

Lindsay, Mom of 2

Briarcliff Manor, NY

Expecting my third baby, I was drowning in toys when I first met Joanna. She came in and like a special ops operative she cleaned out 11 bags of toys and put everything back better than new all before my kids got home from school! We were so happy with the result we brought her back to organize the kids' bathroom and our laundry closet as well. We have rediscovered our belongings, reclaimed our apartment, and are now readily awaiting the arrival of our newest addition. Thank you again Joanna!

Alexandra, Mom of 3

Upper East Side, NYC

Joanna saved me!  I had been crazy to move into a new apartment with a newborn and was completely overwhelmed at the thought of unpacking and organizing.  I desperately reached out to Joanna and she moved her schedule around so that she could see me two days later.  After just a few short hours, I felt settled in my new home and it was all thanks to Joanna.  I can't recommend her enough! 

Lindsay, Teacher

Park Slope, Brooklyn

I always knew my closets had potential, but just didn't know where to start and was overwhelmed with the daunting task. I finally decided to do something about it and hired Joanna to help. When Joanna saw my closets her eyes lit up and I could practically see her wheels turning.  Joanna was able to organize my things in a way that was easy for me to maintain which was a huge concern of mine going into it.  She also somehow created more space in my apartment which I thought was physically impossible and taught me tips on how to best use this new found space. I feel so much better about my small apt with two kids situation and I am so happy I finally did something about with Joanna's help. I really needed her to get me through it. Just the other day my mom came over and said the place looked good and she noticed I did some organizing and I happily said, yep I sure did!

Dana, Financial Manager

Chelsea, NYC

Joanna is a total lifesaver. Not only did she come into my home and organize my closets but she literally got my whole life in order. Before there was chaos and mess, and now when entering my home, I feel a sense of calm where everything has symmetry and purpose. I enjoyed working with Joanna so much that instead of organizing the one room I had planned she tidied my entire apartment.

Laura, Mom of 3

Upper East Side, NYC

With a second baby on the way, I was very stressed out about how everything would fit in our already busting at the seams apartment.  First, Joanna came over to take measurements and offer ideas around furniture layout and overall apartment design. She followed up with an incredibly detailed email that had furniture and storage suggestions that not only met my taste but more importantly my budget!!  The fun really began when she came back and did a complete overhaul on my walk-in closet, linen closets, toy storage and kitchen.  She encouraged me to be thoughtful around what I held on to and finally purge unnecessary items that had been hanging around way too long.  She was able to free up so much space in my apartment and ease my nerves about bringing the new baby home. I highly recommend Joanna - she's a pro!

Lori, Human Resources Manager

Upper East Side, NYC

In the beginning, I felt nervous and embarrassed — it's an intimate process to open up and show everything. Joanna was professional, calm and honest which made me feel comfortable from the start. I was surprised how fast the process was overall, and she even made it fun! Joanna saw beyond the clutter and chaos and helped me see new potential in my apartment.  She doesn’t judge, shows options and completely took the stress out of organizing. When we were done, I felt hopeful and actually got excited again — thinking okay — we can manage in this tiny space!

Jenny, PR Manager

Upper West Side, NYC

Joanna was great to work with! She had creative ideas on how to organize the clutter in my apartment. Joanna helped me throw things away, and then put everything in its perfect spot. All the toys are in labeled bins, the books are gorgeously color coordinated and the games and puzzles are on the right shelves. 

I feel like I've reclaimed my apartment from my children's stuff!

Amanda, mom of 2

Upper East Side, NYC

My closets look amazing thanks to Joanna. I normally dread cleaning out my closets but with Joanna, it was pleasant and didn't feel like work.

Mindy, Executive Coach

Upper East Side, NYC

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