Organizing comes naturally to some people, but can be a deep cause of stress for others. I founded An Edited Space as a way to use my skills to help others make the most of their space. When I walk into a home, I see opportunity — to declutter, rearrange, organize and systemize. In short, to make any space more livable.


As a long time New York City resident with two small kids, I understand first-hand how hard it can be to find space for everyone and everything. At Cornell University, I studied behavior and psychology - I am sympathetic to my clients who feel attached to their personal belongings. And with more than a decade of experience as a fashion buyer (at and Lord & Taylor), my eye for editing and merchandising clothing assortments can now easily and expertly be put to work on your closets, kids toys and kitchen cabinets.


You should be able to relax in your home without having to fight your way through clutter, confusion and chaos. So let’s get started! Take the first step and email, call or text me today for a consultation.



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