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The Closet Edit

There are some things in your closet that you haven’t worn in ages and it may be time to say farewell. This is the hardest part of starting to get organized. Saying goodbye isn’t easy. 


Anything you love a lot, we’re keeping. Anything you love a little, we’ll keep that too. But if you’re not feeling it, let’s take a deep breath and purge. Now let’s get to work. Storing out-of-season clothes. Creating customized solutions for everything else. This is going to feel very, very good.

The Pantry Edit

Is your junk drawer overflowing? Are you even sure what food is in your pantry?


Let’s take stock of what you have in your kitchen, decide what you need, and create user-friendly systems so everything can be at your fingertips.

The Playroom Edit

Let’s face it, for such little people, kids sure take up a lot of home space.


Whether you're knee-deep in blocks and puzzles or trying to figure out exactly where you're going to put the new baby, I will help you get out from under the chaos, take back your living room, and create a space for your little ones that's all theirs.

The Anywhere Edit

I can help you organize and systemize any part of your home — from bathrooms to baby rooms, coat closets to kitchens, even your home office with all its piles of paperwork. And there is no need to feel even a little embarrassed by your clutter situation…you’re not alone.  Believe me, I have seen it all! 


You can start by scheduling a consultation, where I will assess your space and the scope of the project. Then the fun really begins — we will purge, sort, organize, and systemize your belongings. And when I am done, you will have An Edited Space to call your own.

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For more information, or to schedule a consultation, email
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